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Bandicam (Here's its Official website) is one of the world's best screen recorder applications to record screen and games. With it, you can easily record full screen or selected area on your desktop. Compared to other screen recorders like Fraps, Bandicam records video in smaller size because it compresses video while recording. It supports to capture video up to 144 frames per second and save up to 4K HD videos. In all, Bandicam is famous all over the world.

However, if you're a Mac user, sorry for you. You can't use Bandicam on Mac because Bandicam isn't compatible with macOS (including the latest 10.14 Mojave). Bandicam is an Windows-only screen recorder. So if you buy a new Mac, you need a Bandicam alternative that support Mac OS X.

This article includes the top 10 screen recorder applications for Mac on the market. Choose your favorite Bandicam for Mac alternative with ease by reading brief description, notable features and viewing screenshots.

Bandicam Screen Recorder

Top 10 Bandicam Alternatives for Mac to Record Video on Mac

Now let's take a look what are your possible choices when you're searching for a Bandicam for Mac alternative. This list includes 2 free screen recorders, 5 paid screen recorders, and 3 freemium screen recorders. "Freemium" means it's free to use the screen recorder, but a payment is required to remove limits or activate more features. The Bandicam for Mac freemium alternatives here are more than enough for personal use. However, for your desired features, a paid Bandicam alternative for Mac is worth a lot more.

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac ($59.95, Free Try)

Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac is an ideal choice of Bandicam for Mac equivalent. Similar to Bandicam, It can capture video from games, Webcam and specified region on screen. The better part is that this Bandicam alternative supports more video formats, and comes with a powerful video editing tool and some unique features. Try it for free now. We award it the Golden price of Bandicam for Mac alternatives. Download Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for Mac now.

Notable Features

  1. Record anything: Screen Recorder, Game Recorder, Webcam Recorder, Facecam Recorder, all in one.
  2. Capture video in 60FPS and save to Full HD for sharing anywhere.
  3. Easy to use scheduler to record video at specified time.
  4. A fully featured video editor included.


Recording Settings for Cursor and Keystrokes

Bandicam for Mac Movavi


Edit Recordings with Fully Featured Video Editor

Bandicam for Mac Movavi Editing

Wondershare Filmora scrn for Mac ($39.95, Free Try)

Wondershare Filmora Scrn is a screen and game recorder tool with user-friendly interface and practical functions. This Bandicam for Mac alternative not only supports screen recording and game recording, but also helps users to edit recorded video with a big array of tools, no matter the video is recorded with it or an existing file on your computer. Want to add annotations and titles, no problem. With Filmora Scrn, it's a a piece of cake to record video, edit video and export to MP4, MOV, GIF and MP3.

Notable Features

  1. Record game and screen in any size.
  2. Capture video up to 60FPS on Mac.
  3. A fully featured video editor to add annotations and titles.

Filmora Scrn Recording Video

Bandicam for Mac filmora


Open Broadcaster Software (Freeware)

OBS, short for Open Broadcaster Software, is a free screen capture and stream software, which is very popular in gamers. OBS provides a wide range of recording and live broadcasting options to suite your capturing and broadcasting needs. It captures high quality videos in 1080P resolution and with 60 frames per seconds, for playing and live streaming without re-compression.

Notable Features

  1. Capture and stream video on Mac.
  2. Real-time RTMP streaming to YouTube, DailyMotion, Hitbox, Twitch, and other platforms.
  3. Unlimited scenes and media sources.
  4. Supports plugins for additional features.


Recording and Streaming in real-time.

Free Bandicam for Mac


ScreenFlow ($129, Free Trial)

ScreenFlow for Mac is the award-winning professional screen recording software for macOS only. It's extremely easy to record HD video and edit them with ease. The editor instantly loads recorded video and audio sources, allowing you to add other videos, images, titles and more. You can then polish your video with advanced animations, actions, annotations, transitions and audio or video effects to get incredible results. Once complete, you're able to post videos directly to Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Imgur or Telestream Cloud. You can also export animated GIF, ProRes files or MP4 to your desktop. I personally like ScrenFlow's Zoom and Pan effects which are specially smooth and easy to use. The Callouts is also very helpful to highlight anything on your screen. There are many practical features like Screenshots, Closed Captions, Chroma Keys, etc. ScreenFlow is close to perfect to capture and edit video on Mac. The only drawback is the price. But it doesn't matter to you. Get it.

  1. Capture highest quality video on retina displays.
  2. Powerful video editing tools like transitions, text and video animations, freehand annotations, and more.
  3. Record your iPhone or iPad screen for high quality app demos.
  4. Stock Media Library Option ($60/yr)


ScreenFlow Screen Recorder Interface

Bandicam for Mac Download


TechSmith Camtasia ($249, Free Try)

Camtasia is an industry-leading screen recorder and video editor for Mac, in addition to the above-described ScreenFlow. Camtasia Studio includes a set of professional applications like Camtasia Recorder, Camtasia Editor, Camtasia Menu Maker, Camtasia Theater, Camtasia Player and so on. It can easily record screen and desktop activities including sound effects, mouse movements, commentary sounds, etc. After recording finished, you're able to edit video, add transition effects and spice it up. It supports a variety of file formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, M4V, CAMV, MOV, RM, GIF animation and so on. It's a great tool for making video presentations by recording and editing. Camtasia Studio is highly recommended to anyone who wants to make professional-looking videos.

Notable Features

  1. Record and edit video for tutorials, demos and training videos.
  2. A long list of video editing tools like effects, titles, annotations, callouts, etc.
  3. Create quizzes and interactivity to measure learning in videos.
  4. Lots of tutorial videos and premium support provided.


Video Capture Panel

Bandicam for Mac Free Camtasia


ApowerREC ($69.95, Free Try)

ApowerREC for Mac is a new and robust player in screen recording software. ApowerREC comes with Simple and intuitive interface, providing users with a professional screen recording experience. The software includes a lot of useful benefits in screen recording, real-time annotation, scheduled recording, video sharing, and one-click screenshots. ApowerREC is a simple and easy-to-use screen recorder aiming users in education, business presentations or entertainment.

Notable Features

  1. Effective screen recorder for game recording and region recording
  2. Task scheduler, split recording and follow recording on selected application.
  3. Real-time annotation while recording.
  4. Upload to YouTube, Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP server or your Apower account.


Selected Recording Region

Free Download Bandicam for Mac


NCH Debut (Freemium)

NCH is a great company that provides many free software for personal use. Debut Video Capture for Mac is another free Bandicam for Mac alternative screen recorder. The installation file is less than 7Mb, but the features are beyond expectation. Debut includes all basic recording options to input video from various recording sources and output to YouTube, Facebook, CD or television, etc.

Notable Features

  1. Record your screen, webcam, speaker, microphone simultaneously.
  2. Burn recordings directly to DVD with Express Burn Disc Burner.
  3. Time lapse video recording
  4. Resize video, add titles and adjust color grade easily.


Add texts after recording with Debut for Mac

Bandicam for Mac free download debut


Nimbus Capture for Mac (Freemium)

Nimbus Capture for Mac is a screenshot software more than a screen recorder for Mac and other platforms/web browsers. However, if you want a free solution to capture video and share online fast and easy, Nimbus Capture can accomplish your task instantly. It allows you to capture screenshots and record video to upload online, and then share with friends, students, colleagues, etc. No watermark (or your watermark if necessary), no payment.

Notable Features

  1. Snag screenshots with 8 capture modes and tons of editing tools.
  2. Make clear screencasts with annotations quickly.
  3. Share your screenshots and videos to Nimbus Note or Google Drive with a short URL.
  4. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Chrome, Safari, Android and more.


Record Video in Full Screen or Custom Size

Bandicam for Mac Recorder


Apple QuickTime Player or macOS's Recorder (Free)

Believe it or not. QuickTime also allows you to record video on your Mac without installing anything. Besides, the latest macOS 10.14 Mojave also comes with an decent recorder for you to record your Mac's screen. To use QuickTime's recording features, simply go to “File > New Screen Recording”. If you're using Mojave, press Shift-Command-5 on your keyboard to show up all the controls to record video and capture still images of your screen.

Notable Features

  1. Record entire screen or a selected portion.
  2. Record audio from internal microphone or external audio devices.
  3. Set timer and show mouse clicks with a black circle around your pointer.


QuickTime Player for Mac

Bandicam for Mac free quicktime


Screencast-O-Matic (Freemium)

Different from Bandicam, Screencast-O-Matic is an online Bandicam alternative for Mac. With the services provided by Screencast-O-Matic, you can easily make screencasts online. With Screencast-O-Matic, it's up to you to record Screen and/or webcam, capture full screen or a window. computer or microphone. When the recording is successful, Screencast-O-Matic will encode your recording, and let you choose to upload your recorded video to your Screencast-O-Matic account or save it to your computer.

Notable Features

  1. Online screen recorder and basic video editor
  2. Publish to YouTube, or quickly share to Facebook, Twitter and Google Classroom.
  3. Paid plans have much more features.
  4. Nothing to download and install if Java installed and enabled in your web browser.


Recording Settings and Tools

Online Bandicam for Mac



Obviously, you're a satisfied Bandicam users. There is no doubt that Bandicam is a powerful and easy-to-use screen recorder. It has millions of loyal users all over the world. That's why there are so many people looking for Bandicam for Mac when they have switched from Windows to Mac. Yes, I'm sorry to tell you that Bandicam only works in Microsoft Windows. There is no Mac version of Bandicam yet. In this article, we've found the best 10 Bandicam alternatives for Mac that provides similar features to Bandicam. However, you can't find an identical Bandicam for Mac. The best way is to download these Bandicam alternatives and try it yourself. We're sure that you'll be able to find your perfect screen recorder for Mac from our site. If you find a better Bandicam for Mac substitute, please let us know.

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